Anne Tchvyl Conservation Covenant

The Anne Tchvyl Conservation Covenant is located along Coldstream Creek in the District of Coldstream. The conservation area was registered on February 23, 2016 and is jointly held by the Regional District of North Okanagan and the North Okanagan Parks & Natural Area Trust.

The covenant is 1.64 ha in size and includes a well vegetated riparian area, which transitions upslope to a level, cleared area.  It is one of the few corridors along the creek with a thriving cottonwood ecosystem, including black cottonwoods, Douglas maple, Norway maple and paper birch.  A species considered at risk, the western screech owl, as well as a nesting site for the owl have been observed near the protected area. Numerous other birds including a great blue heron, another species at risk, small mammals and large mammals make use of the protected area for food, shelter and as a breeding ground.  Dryer upland areas of the covenant support grasslands, ponderosa pine and Douglas fir communities and wetter areas along the creek support stands of western red cedar. The covenant is adjacent to agricultural land.

The covenant is named in memory of the donor’s mother. It is located on private land and is not open to the public.