Phina Tassie Conservation Area

TassieP1 pine RednThe Phina Tassie Conservation Area is located along the north and south banks of Coldstream Creek approximately 2 km upstream from Kalamalka Lake. Comprised of two covenants, the conservation area was registered in August of 2010 and is held jointly by The Land Conservancy of BC and North Okanagan Parks & Natural Areas Trust.

The conservation area is about 0.25 ha in size and is made up of floodplain and adjacent slopes. The overstory is dominated by trembling aspen. Manitoba, Douglas and Norway maple, wild apple, choke cherry and ponderosa pine are also present. The understory includes red-oisier dogwood, oregon grape, barberry, violet, snowberry, nightshade, goldenrod, cinquefoil, poison ivy and burdock. Deer and black bears are known to use this creek side woodland. The conservation area is an important natural woodland along Coldstream Creek and the adjacent orchard lands and rural holdings.

The conservation area is located on privately-owned land and is not open to the public.