Windfalls Nature Conservancy

Miller1 main trail RednThe Windfalls Nature Conservancy is approximately 17 km northeast of Lumby. Situated on the east shore of the Shuswap River near the confluence of Bessette Creek, this conservancy was registered August 11, 2009 and is held in covenant jointly by The Land Conservancy of BC and North Okanagan Parks & Natural Areas Trust.

This covenant property is 4.96 ha in size and falls within the Southern Interior Mountains Ecoprovince of the Interior Douglas Fir biogeoclimatic zone. The covenant land is relatively level, but rises to a small knoll in the northwest quadrant. Tree species include second-growth Douglas fir, western red cedar, white pine, western hemlock, spruce, and birch. The shrub layer includes Douglas maple, red oisier dogwood, snowberry, hazelnut, choke cherry, ocean spray and Oregon grape.  Western screech owl is known to use the property, as are ruffed grouse, deer, moose, and black bear. Historic skidder trails are present.

The covenant is located on privately-owned land and is not open to the public.